Copy Writing

Our main means of communication is written or spoken words. On the Internet our first impression is made through the words and visuals we use. Your business can be made or destroyed by your choice of words. Someone selling food and another selling clothing will not use the same words to describe their products. Would someone selling clothes use the word “plump?” Probably not. Would someone selling food use the word “durable?” Again, probably not.

If you’ve ever looked at a seed catalog, their writers are masters at making you see, taste, and smell the end product, when in fact all you’re getting is a seed. They don’t talk about the seed, they talk about the vegetable, fruit, or flower you will get as the result of you correctly caring for the seed until it reaches maturity. They don’t talk about watering, fertilizing, pest control, how hard the seed is to germinate, or sometimes the months you have to wait before you have that tantalizing prize in your hand. They use words like “delicious,” “tasty,” “blooms 5” across,” etc. As a matter of fact, when reading a catalog it is almost impossible to tell which ones you’ll really like, and I find myself wanting to try them all! Now that is masterly writing.

The crafting of words, so that they elicit the desired response from the reader is something I’ve strived for in all my writing. Throughout the years I have crafted and co-crafted hundreds of written documents from Press Releases to Flyers; Newsletters to Posters; and more.

All the written documentation for the business that I co-owned was written by me or in collaboration with my partner. We maintained a web site; produced handouts for marketing events; wrote press releases and bios; every type of written communication needed to maintain a business.

For several years I had a number of blogs on various topics. Below are a few of the posts I wrote for some of them. Please remember the information I include in the posts was the most up-to-date for that time.


Today a mastery if the English language is a rare thing. Even understanding the differences between core words, such as there, their, and they’re are a mystery to most people. I have always loved the crafts of words and it is like fingernails on a chalkboard when I find blatant errors in the written word, be it electronic or print.

Over the years I have proofread and edited literally hundreds of documents. The crowning glory of this was proofreading and editing a 275+ page book, entitled Extraordinary Healthcare.

I also edited and proofread several chapters for a 500+ page book that is a compilation of talks given by a non-native English speaking author. Sometimes having to transcribe the work from the original video or audio recordings, then editing it for clarity, and even rewriting sections so that average readers could understand the concept presented.

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