Welcome to Sadaajit.com

The Web is an amazing place, a place where you can reach out to your customers, clients, colleagues and like-minded individuals around the globe. Millions of businesses, services, agencies, and individuals are using it successfully every day. With so many voices out there how do you get noticed? Get the right kind of attention by the right people? Find the ones that need your product or service? In front-end design I found the melding of my two biggest passions - streamlining, effectiveness, and creativity. My professional life has been focused on finding more cost effective and streamlined methods of doing business. Combine that with my training in music and the creative arts and I feel I have a unique combination of skills for creating beautiful, functional, and streamlined sites.

I decided to enter the field of front-end development for several reasons. First, there are many websites that are not functioning optimally, with poor layout and esthetics. Deciding to enter this field was not just to get more websites up and running, but to help businesses find a way to bring their mission, their product or service, to their ideal audience by finding a unique approach to getting noticed and connecting with them. I also enjoy the process of creating websites. I love the sense of creation as I watch the site emerge from a blank page.

I'm new to the field of web design, but not to helping people get clarity in their purpose and how to communicate that effectively. Let's talk about how I can help you build your web presence today.

This site showcases my coding and design abilities, it is a perpetual work in progress. As my skills and as the world of coding grows and evolves, so will this site. Please check back regularly to see what's changed.