When creating a web site I consider its ultimate aim. Is it a blog, information site, e-commerce, etc. This helps me to outline the needed structure. I also keep in mind the “feel” the web site should evoke in the viewer.

I keep in mind the latest trends in how people use and scan a site and then place key elements on the page(s) accordingly.

I strive to create a beautiful, functional site, that has only those elements that are most necessary to achieve the goal, be that reading a blog, clicking on a link, or purchasing an item. I find many web sites whose navigation is cumbersome, organization is confusing and sometimes even lacking, and who hide key elements making navigating the site like a treasure hunt. I try to separate the necessary from the gimmick, and even trends that do not make the site an easy, enjoyable experience for the user.


In the development arena I currently use HTML, CSS, and am starting to incorporate Javascript into my coding. I am studying PHP and plan to learn MYSQL or other back end languages as time permits. My long term goal is to become a full stack developer. However, I believe that it is important to learn the basics very thoroughly and then branch out. As with any language, once you have the basics down you can learn the new “dialects” with much less effort and time.