Hi, my name is Sadaajit (Saw-daw’-jit) Ananda, which means “blissfully ever victorious.” For years I played around with web sites, mostly in Wordpress. I shied away from becoming a full-fledged developer, because I thought coding was really difficult. However, with encouragement from a friend, I decided to take a closer look at coding. I started out with HTML and CSS and was pleasantly surprised when I found it fun, and challenging. I wanted to learn more.

This started me down a whirlwind path of learning from every online source I could manage: codecademy.com; WatchandCode.com; FreeCodeCamp.com; lynda.com; pluralsight.com; teamtreehouse.com; a plethora of books; online videos; friends; and other coders. As I delved deeper and deeper into coding the more I found it captured my attention, required creativity, problem solving, and perseverance. All of which are some of my strengths and things I really enjoy.

Throughout my career I’ve needed all the qualities of a front-end developer - creativity, problem solving, attention to detail, tenacity, careful listening, writing copy, editing/proofreading. I also have this seemingly supernormal ability to just look at a web page and see what I’m looking for almost instantaneously.

Through the years I’ve also developed skills in working in teams, communicating effectively, high performance under stress, and have always brought more to the position than was asked of me.

My love of music, the arts, gardening, and sewing helped me to develop design aesthetics, because I understand the need for balance, symmetry, cohesiveness, color coordination, and more.

Having worked in offices helped me to develop skills in organization, policies, and procedures. All of which transfer to the user interface of a web site, as well as clean organized and understandable code.

I've been looking for a career path that used most, if not all, of my skills and passions. It took a long time, but I've finally found it and look forward to coding into the forseeable future.